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Secure your social media accounts

Social media plays an important role to spread your business or website. It will be really very amazing if you get the same URL for your all social media sites which match your domain name. In addition, people will find you social pages very easily. And, it will be very helpful to rank your site too. You don’t need to spend a single penny if you can do it of your own. There are some very common social sites are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram etc.

Set up an email address

Can you think of a business organization without email address? Today email address is one of the main aspects of a business or organization. Email address is not only uses for communication but also it represents your business and domain name. It’s very easy to set up your email address, you can do it from your hosting panel or you can create it from Google Apps.

Trademark your business name

To get the 100% security of your business legally it is an urgent task to register a trademark. You can take legal action very comfortably if your business is already registered. At the same time no one would able to bother you with any legal issue. It’s better be trademark your business name just after buying your domain.

Create a holding / under construction page

Holding page/ under construction page can be one of the options after buying a domain name. Firstly, by creating a holding page you can tell the world your website is coming soon. Secondly, you can collect email address of potential audience by a simple from. Also, you can take your user to you social pages to introduce your business. Especially, you can tell the visitor your launching date and time by adding count-down. So, creating a holding page could be helpful for your upcoming website.

Get web hosting and set your domain up on it

You have to be a bit careful to get the hosting package after buying domain. There are lots of companies providing hosting packages. Some companies provides very low rate at the very first year then later on they increase the price dramatically. It’s better to consult with the people who are well experienced in this sector. There are many kinds of hosting packages. The most popular one is sharing hosting package which is very affordable. Also, you can change the hosting plan anytime.

Get business-dedicated phone Number

Communication over phone in a business is another essential element. If your business has very nice and some phone/cell number which are serially and memorable it would a very interesting and professional. Your phone number could be a great aspect of branding your website. If possible get a toll free number for better customer service.

Design and develop your website

People usually buy domain to design and develop a website which is the most important part. You have to find out your requirement s. Then hire well skilled designer and developer. If you find the right person for this task your rest of the work will be smooth and easier. There are several ways to hire expertise for your project. You can hire your local people and works directly. The most popular way is to hire people from online. There thousands of web design and development agencies and marketplaces. You have to find the perfect person by doing a little research.

Start Promoting Your Website

AT this stage, once your website is on live your task is to bring the visitors to your site and let them know more about your website and service. You can do several activities to promote your site according to your needs. One way could be SEO to rank your website on Google search engine. Also, you can post paid advertisement on social media especially on Facebook. You can send newsletter to the potential audience’s email. If you have most of your target audiences are in your local area you can print some flyers and posters to promote your website and business. It’s depends on you which option you are going to use and suits you the best.

Don’t let your domain expire

This is frustrating if you haven’t started anything and your domain is expired. You bought a domain means you had a plan to do something. Dream big and plan more to run your website. Now so many resources are available to make your dream comes true. So, try something before your domain is expired.

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